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Best Credit Card Reviews

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How to Get Your First Credit Card

In 2009, the U.S. Congress passed a package of laws that made it more difficult for young adults to get credit cards. The good news is that fewer people are risking crushing debt. However, as a result of those reforms, you might be somewhat confused about how to get... read more

Understanding Credit

Having a good credit score is essential to being able to afford large purchases such a home, a car and other expensive items that you can’t generally pay for in one lump sum. Many other institutions check credit scores for apartment rent, insurance and job... read more

Why a Credit Card is Good

Protection Keeping track of your budget is not always easy, and most people don’t realize how much money they spend on impulsive purchases. Whether it’s an extra cup of coffee each morning or unneeded clothes, small things can quickly add up. The good news... read more

Credit Cards for Students

Students nearing their high school graduations and those entering their first years of college are prime candidates for learning how to manage their credit. When they master this important skill early in life, they stand a better chance of maintaining high credit... read more

Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Bad credit happens to good people all the time. If you’re among the millions of Americans who have less-than-great credit, it’s easy to feel like credit cards are forever off limits to you. Fortunately, that’s not the case at all. These days, more... read more

Apply for a Credit Card in 4 Simple Steps

Are you considering applying for a credit card? Fortunately, learning how to get a credit card is pretty easy, and the decision is oftentimes provided within seconds. However, you will want to do your due diligence before you apply for a credit card. Are You Ready?... read more